Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Crazy List Lady

I write lists to stay sane, but I think it might be the catch 22 that keeps me crazy.

I have my yearly goal lists that break down into my monthly pacing guide which breaks down to weekly goals and then daily.

I love this post it note. They are EVERYWHERE in my house, car, purse etc.

When I get a pile of little notes. I put them on whatever master list belong on.
Legal pads are my best friends. Notes, planning, projects all on legal pads. On the front page of one is the, ON MY PLATE, list. For some reason if I can see everything I'm working on all in one place it calms the hyperactive crazy person that lives in my brain.

After rewriting said post it note on the correct legal pad I get to use this:

I love to destroy a used note. Ahh the satisfaction of stabbing paper...

Checking boxes is always awesome too. Austen Kleon gave me this idea. Seeing the progress I'm making is like crack for me.

Another fun list I keep is this one:

For that flood of ideas that never stops. I can't remember anything anymore! It's got to go on a list. So there is a peak into my obsessive list making brain. I have no shame.

Check out Lisa Yee's blog. She is a great Kid lit author and she wrote about her note taking this week. From the looks of her picture our desks are soul mates. (And she's got a shabby thingy too!!! I'm not alone...)